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Salad in a Jar 

I found this idea from Pintrest.  Here’s my recipe but you can add your own favorites! 

Start with dressing on the bottom, top with other ingredients and add lettuce on top! 

2 Tbsp Litehouse Ranch - 2 WW PtsPlus

1 chopped Hardboiled Egg - 2 WW PtsPlus

1 Mushroom, chopped - 0 WW PtsPlus

Sliced Avocado - 1 WW PtsPlus

Cubed Chicken - 2 WW PtsPlus

Diced Red Onion - 0 WW PtsPlus

Feta Cheese - 1 WW PtsPlus

Chopped Lettuce - 0 WW PtsPlus

Too keep my salad fresh, I use a Foodsaver with a FoodSaver Regular Jar Sealer 


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